Welcome to my Design Portfolio

Reuters Sports Reel

Mobile Application for iOS, Android and Google Chromecast
Project sport

Reuters Sports Reel

Sports Reel delivers all the best sporting photos as the action happens from the cameras of Reuters award-winning photographers across the world.

  • Client: Reuters
  • Role: UI Design and UX
  • Year: 2014

What Car?

Mobile Application for Windows Phone
Project what

What Car

What Car? is a cross platform car valuation app. Having worked on designing the mobile app for iPhone, Android & Nokia, I was approached to design the Windows phone version. Two versions of the design are shown, one is the initial design and the other is the version that went live.

  • Client: What Car?
  • Role: UI Design and UX
  • Year: 2012

Thomson Reuters NEST

Application for iPhone, Android and Google Chromecast
Project Nest

Thomson Reuters NEST

NEST is a trading platform for Indian exchange traded instruments. UX and Design by myself for Android, iOS and Google Chromecast.

I also designed a second-screen experience for Google Chromecast to allow the monitering of the users current positions and indexes aswell as an enhanced graph experience for the larger screen.

  • Client: Thomson Reuters
  • Role: Design and User Experience
  • Year: 2017

Thomson Reuters TicketAid

Responsive Website
Project TicketAid

Thomson Reuters TicketAid

TicketAid is a corporate ticket allocation website designed to give employees access to exclusive tickets that would otherwise go to waste whilst raising funds for some fantastic charities supporting global, regional and local causes, all at the same time.

  • Client: Thomson Reuters
  • Role: Design and User Experience
  • Year: 2018


Miscellaneous examples of design and creative ideas.
Project Dribble


A regularly updated collection of various projects I'm working on / creative ideas I'm exploring. The collection is mostly UI and animation focused.

  • Client: Various clients / Self-Set
  • Role: Mostly UI and animation
  • Year: 2015 - Present. Regular Updates

Thomson Reuters Power Curve

iOS and Web Application
Project Power Curve

Thomson Reuters Power Curve

Thomson Reuters Power Curve: Quantifying event impact on power contracts. The App gives you real-time fundamental fair value assessments of the power market, right down to the specific contract.

The power market is increasingly complex and affected by many different factors; quantifying the impact of these events quickly and accurately can be extremely challenging. You can now rely on the Power Curve App to do this for you, enabling you to adapt your trading strategy quickly and accurately.

- Easy insight into what’s driving prices in the Nordic and German power markets, updated throughout the day in real time.

- Based on physical market simulation models fed with weather, supply and demand, fuel prices and available capacity information.

- Easy to understand visualisation and navigation.

- Provides full transparency through the drill-down capabilities.

- Enables you to view marginal costs for power generation for power plants in a given country/region, for a given hour or over time.

  • Client: Thomson Reuters
  • Role: UI Design and UX
  • Year: 2015

Guinness: The Product or the Brand?

Dissertation / Design / Print
Project Guinness

Guinness: The Product or the Brand?

Dissertation written in the final year of my Graphic Design degree course. It explored the history of Guinness’ advertising and weighed up its effectiveness whilst establishing a theory that the brand and the product rapidly became two separate entities. It was then designed, printed and bound. A few examples of the book are shown.

  • Client: University of Northampton
  • Role: Dissertation, design and print
  • Year: 2010

The Lightness of Paper...

Sculpture and Poster
Project Smith

The Lightness of Paper...

A live brief from GF Smith to produce a promotional poster to be sent to clients & other graphic designers. A series of experimental paper models were created and then photographed. Directional lighting enhanced the paper’s lightness, delicacy and form. One of the images was applied to a poster to suggest how a simple paper sculpture can take on a dreamlike, etherial quality.

  • Client: GF Smith
  • Role: Paper Sculpture, Photography & Design
  • Year: 2008

Design Experience



“Stephen is UI/UX designer focused on mobile experiences. Where other designers coming from the web world struggle to make their layouts consistent, adaptive and reactive, Stephen always comes with an experience fit for phones and tablets. He's also flexible and receptive to feedback about new or experimental components to add to his designs.” Francisco Estévez García, Android Developer at Thomson Reuters
“Awesome expertise on mobile UI and UX. As usual working with Stephen is a pleasure.” Javier Rico, Founder at Weapp Mobile
“Stephen is very hard working, and was one of the first people to get into work everyday without fail. He's attention to detail is very good and had no problem with any of the work he did. Stephen added a lot for his team and his work on Windows phone 7 was the basis of the continuing work we are doing.” Delroy Willis, iOS Developer at Grapple Mobile / Monitise Create
“I taught Stephen during his final two years of study at The University of Northampton. He proved to be creative, technically-minded, hard working, honest and reliable. Stephen produced some strong work during his studies, winning a D&AD award as recognition for his work on a BBC mobile application.” James Smith, Senior Lecturer of Design at University of Northampton